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The below table provides a general idea of what pricing options and add-ons are available. (Many of these items do not apply to non-pony character orders, where special  considerations can be made.) Final prices are subject to artist's discretion.

Click for samples of each item.

Basic Mini Plush   (5")                                         Starts at  $45 Includes a two-color design (Ex. Scootaloo)
and simplified fabric cutie mark. 

Basic Medium Plush (12")                                   Starts at  $65
Includes a two-color design, simplified fabric
cutie mark, and weighted beans in the feet. 

Multi-color                               Mini $5-10         Medium:$5-15
(Mane/Wings/Body Parts)

Clothing/Accessories:          Mini $5-10         Medium:$10-15

Fuzzy Fetlocks:                      Mini $3               Medium:$6


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Wire Frame Support
Wire support for wings, tails, etc.
Printed Eye
Eyes printed from vector design and attached to plush.
Shiny/Translucent Appendages
Perfect for flowing, etheral manes, or bug/fairy wings.
Premium Fabric
Soft, durable, highest-quality fabric. Available only in select colors.