RedPony Plush

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Who is RedPony?

 I was once a preteen wallflower  who loved Pokemon and desperately wanted a Lapras plush, so without any patterns or prior knowledge, I created one. 

Little did I know, over a decade later, I would be holding a thread and needle once again, creating my first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic plush. That first Rarity prototype took months of extra fabric, tears, and patience, but I eventually l got it right and placed it up on eBay, just in time for Equestria Daily's 45th Plushie Compilation post. From there I decided I wanted to sell my work at Bronycon 2012. 

My work was a smash hit, and I sold out in 45 minutes. Now, in 2019, there is so much more to come as RedPonyPlush branches out into new territory, new characters, and offers new options for affordable plush creations. Custom OC pieces will also become a bigger part of my work.

Thank you for taking an interest in my site and my work; it means a lot to me! I hope to see you again! Check back for new products and updates to the  website. There’s much more to come!

Bronycon 2019

Coming soon!

Bronycon 2017

RedPonyPlush’s final convention was another big hit. I debuted the new 12” plush size, and expanded the number of characters and one-of-a-kind creations into the largest variety yet. The 3’ Toothless plush, 5’ dragonair, and custom sea pony features for the upcoming movie were the biggest hits. For the third time since RedPonyPlush began, we were completely sold out - I was speechless!

I was fortunate to get to know my fellow artists a bit more in this final year as well, including many Bronycon veterans who were also considering a change of pace, and many others who were looking to get started! Custom orders continue to be the foundation of my work now, as this new chapter unfolds. I am incredibly fortunate to have gotten the growing positive response to my creations as the years have continued, and I can’t express enough thanks to those who have supported RedPonyPlush as a convention artist, both as fans and as table help. My success is owed to you!

2018 is shaping up to be a major year for growing my online store and websites, and who knows...after a short break…perhaps another convention may just be on the horizon. Thank you again to all, and I hope you’ll join me as RedPonyPlush grows into our new online home!

Bronycon 2016

2016 was the first year I was able to appear at more than one pony convention. As a result, I was able to bring almost double the usual inventory than in previous years. Despite this, I was completely sold out by early Sunday morning! I'm continually surprised (and grateful!) for such a positive reaction to my art.

Once again, this year was filled with exciting new people to meet, connections with community celebrities, and I even had the opportunity to get to know some of my fellow plush artists.

As in the past, I found my welcoming of OC plush creations to be a popular component of my booth. The opportunity to create one-of-a-kind pieces has always been a hallmark of my passion behind RedPonyPlush, and getting to know the dozens of creative spirits that commission me to bring their characters to life brings me more joy than anything else about being a plush artist. With what was perhaps my most successful year yet, I had to start thinking about long-term plans for RedPonyPlush, and made some big decisions for 2017.

PoNYCon 2016

It was awesome to be back on the convention scene in Brooklyn over Valentines Day weekend. The cold did not stop thousands of fans convening in the halls of a beautiful, vintage exhibition space. Lauren Faust and Lena Hall were among the famous names visiting PoNYCon; seeing what those who have worked with the show can do is an experience like no other.

My first regional pony convention brought a ton of opportunities to meet new people, celebrities, and get to know other artists. Fallout Equestria and OC creations were particularly popular, and as it came to a close, my sights were set on summertime.

Most of 2015 was a busy time for me, and I'm glad to have taken a break from the convention scene. 2016 is in full swing now and it's time to set sights on Baltimore in July! Time will tell if this year closes the book on RedPonyPlush, (New adventures await!) but Bronycon 2016 will be an event to remember!


Bronycon 2014

The months leading up to Bronycon 2014 were filled with lots of sewing, designing, and the intention that 2014 would be my final year appearing as a vendor. When I got there, I met hundreds of reasons why I should keep RedPonyPlush going strong into the future.

This time around, and with a focus on my intensely popular mini-sized plushies, I brought somewhere near 220 individual stuffed creations, along with some painted artwork, a guest artist, and a smattering of other one-of-a-kind items. While my canon characters were guest favorites, I was blown away at the response to my expanded OC plush efforts. The response for custom characters as plush creations was huge, and it seemed as though every few minutes I was finding myself discussing options for “plush-ifying” a unique character.

The other artists and convention guests I had the great pleasure of interacting with, as well as the realization that my work has brought more smiles to people than I could’ve imagined, has excited me for another year improving my art and bringing smiles. See you next time!

Bronycon 2013

I said last year that when I sold at Bronycon 2013 I would go big, and boy did I.

I brought a total of 144 plushies, t-shirts, posters, and
"nervous-citement" about the whole experience. I had plushie giveaways, another giant Luna on display, and a backdrop filled with huge painted wall art. I met so many incredible people, including other artists, community celebrities, and hundreds of people of all ages who stopped by to say hello.

With the help of some amazing people, it was a hugely successful weekend and one of the most fun trips I have ever been on. For my sewing, this Bronycon helped me fully realize the confidence I could have in my own artwork, but the special place I've found to bring my talents and other people together in an affordable and unique way.

Bring on 2014!

Bronycon 2012

My first ever trip to a convention was also my first time selling at one. And, as you can see that first run was pretty bread-and-butter.

Plushie-making took 3-4 times longer in the beginning because it was so new to me. Not only that, having absolutely no idea what to expect, I somehow thought that nine plushies would be enough to vend to 4000 people. Well, if the fact that I sold out in 45 minutes is any indication, I did well. It freed up the entire rest of the weekend for me to attend Lauren Faust's panel, grab a photo with John de Lancie, hear a baritone chorus of 4000 guys sing the My Little Pony theme song to him, and check out NYC for a day. I left with a hunger for more Pony and ambition to go big in 2013.